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Our motto is "Progress NOT Perfection". So when a student begins services with an "F" in a class, there is absolutely NO pressure to shoot for an A. Students come to understand that slow and steady wins the race, we aim to make progress! And my students have went from F's to C's, then eventually to A's! Some students have went from D's to B's. We do not guarantee perfection, but we do guarantee progress and improved grades, and academic ability for your child!

Customized Learning 

A true educator understands that not every child is the same, and not every child learns the same. That is why tutoring with me is always catered to the individual child's needs. Students receive homework from tutoring (in addition to any homework given in school) to enhance learning in a way that they can independently perform at home. 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Psychology based theories and methods help me to find different approaches to best meet the individual student. For example, some students are competitive, so structuring their learning as a competition motivates them to do well (extrinsic motivation). Foot in the door, and door in the face are two of my favorite techniques! 

3 Step Approach: 

I have 3 goals in mind when accepting students - build confidence, strengthen academic performance, and improve grades - in that order. Through building confidence, I am learning my students and building a rapport with them. I am understanding their strengths and weaknesses, what motivates them, what they shy away from, etc. Then I can test techniques and methods that will strengthen their academic performance. If their confidence is high, they tend to put in more applied effort. As a result, their grades eventually improve because hard work pays off! It is safe to set high, but achievable goals once confidence and work ethic is built. 

In The News
11 Tips to Help Your Teen Transform Failing Grades Into Academic Success

As I was boarding a plane recently, I couldn’t help overhearing a heated discussion between a mother and her older teenage son. They were arguing over his failing grades and trying to determine if there was hope to turn things around. It’s a common problem. 

The Key to Successful Teenagers

As a parent how often have you heard the following phrases? 

How often  have these been said to you?


“I just can’t do it!”

                                                            “I’m not smart enough.”


Unfortunately, we have heard these phrases, too—much too often.

Harnessing willpower to meet educational goals

When it comes to meeting educational goals — whether you're studying for a math test, writing your dissertation or learning a new language — staying focused can be difficult. If you have a hard time resisting short-term temptations so you can meet long-term goals, you're not alone. 


     Hey Stacy, I just wanted to thank you for everything. We could not have gotten through this year without you. So, thank you a thousand times over.



— Mrs. Wilcox, Farmington Hills, MI

Tutoring 10th Grade, Geometry

       Report card came yesterday all A's B's and one C!!! Her first time on honor roll and were elated!!!


    John got an A on his math test

John is proud and he said it's because you make math easy to understand!



—Krystal, Detroit, MI

Tutoring 2nd Grade, Reading & Math


— Lilian, Grosse Pointe, MI

Tutoring 6th, Grade Math

     I'm so happy to post this because my girls are doing so much better and it's all because of @stacylampkin ...She figured out the girls strengths and weaknesses and how they needed to be taught in order to understand. She is absolutely the most patient, sweet, and understanding individual I have ever met. 



— Brielle, Redford, MI

Tutoring Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Reading & Math

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